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Body types guide
for the Christmas party

When it comes to finding the perfect dress for the Christmas party, women choose patterns that are in trend. One of the key elements for a successful job is always to keep in mind the shape of the body. We'll help you with some tips to keep your curves in mind.

Hourglass typology:
If you have curves and a narrow waist

We recommend that you maintain the balance of shapes for a fit and beautiful silhouette. Try not to put too much emphasis on your shoulders or hips. Highlight your waistline, either by the cutting of your clothes or by the colors you choose, because it is the maximum potential of your femininity.

Choose fabrics like velvet and crepe that will highlight your female lines. Do not be afraid of V-neckline and shoulderless dresses, but it would be good to put off large dresses and short skirts if you were endowed with a prominent bust.

Apple-like typology:
Highlighted in the middle and small in the upper part

If you have very beautiful legs and bust, you should emphasize these areas of the body, avoiding adding volume around the waist.

Firstly, count on a deep neckline to distract the waist. The slightly bulky dresses will look perfect on you, but avoid dressing straight dresses. Also avoid materials that are molded on the body.

Rectangle-like typology:
The balances have a size close to that of the waist

Due to the lack of shapes, you should focus on the pieces that offer volume and sculpture the silhouette

Find dresses with layers, frills… and details to create shapes and volumes where they are missing. A belt on the waist over a large dress is also recommended to create a feminine silhouette, short tops are just as helpful.

Pear type typology:
The largest part of the body is the one around the hips

With such a body typology, you must mirror at the top the volume already existing at the bottom. Wear open colors and prints at the top and darker, united, at the bottom.

A good choice is the use of ruffled dresses. You can also opt for one of the colors of this season, such as red or grey, and as materials, we recommend the velvet and lace.